The woman question

XX Tertio Millennio Film Fest
Festival of the Interreligious dialogue
October 25th – 29th, 2016
Casa del Cinema at Villa Borghese, largo Marcello Mastroianni, 1
Trevi Cinema, National Film Archive – Experimental Film Centre, vicolo del Puttarello, 25












Rethinking the interreligious dialogue also allows to discover some points of convergence that had never been considered before. In other words, what should we agree upon? Which are the issues to discuss while trying to reach an agreement that would not disguise the disagreements but would make them fruitful and enriching? If the interreligious dialogue is the scope of the Tertio Millennio, its themes change every year. It may be the challenge of the environmental awareness remarked by Pope Francis or the issue of the reception of migrants or, like this year, the woman question. We should open our eyes: there is a woman question in all the cultures involved in the festival. A result of the patriarchy that goes beyond histories and borders: the societies, though with their differences, all seem to exert a sort of undue pressure on women, which can sometimes lead to subtle emancipation conditions (Coldness), or to forms of intolerable violence (La ragazza senza nome, Agnus DeiParadise). The roads to salvation, like the Pope has repeated many times, are open to everybody: men and women. Even the most despicable person can get to the Grace, like in the story of Pippo Grassonelli (Ero Malerba). Art and culture still play a fundamental double role: creating dialogue between men – thus revealing their status as equals and brothers – and elevating them, opening their eyes to a more authentic destiny. A mission that the cinema of the greatest directors – like Ermanno Olmi who tells about himself with no hesitation in The Man Came Along: a Conversation with Ermanno Olmi – have always pursued. The mission of being real men.

The Festival is also organised in cooperation with: the Protestant film association “Roberto Sbaffi”, INTERFILM (the International Protestant Film Association), Casa del Cinema di Roma, Centro Ebraico Italiano Il Pitigliani, Italian Short Film Centre, Experimental Film Centre – National Film Archive, COREIS (the Italian Islamic Religious Community), Istituto Luce-Cinecittà, SIGNIS (the International catholic organisation for communications), Rai Cinema, Religion for Peace Italia, TV2000.


Scheduled films

Processo alla città

La ragazza senza nome

Les Sauteurs


Agnus Dei

E venne l’uomo – Un dialogo con Ermanno Olmi


Il figlio dell’altra


Canzoni d’amore oltre il genocidio

Ero Malerba


Yo-Yo Ma e i musicisti della Via della Seta

The Idol

La slitta


Per Sempre

Cosa vedi

Syrian Edge


Un’avventura romantica


Meetings with the Guests