Looking for an image between two worlds
XVIII Tertio Millennio Film Fest
9th -14th  December 2014
Cinema Trevi – Cineteca Nazionale CSC – Vicolo del Puttarello, 25













The central theme of the XVIII edition of Tertio Millennio Film Fest is: the frontier, in its broadest sense. Not just a place, but also an existential and cultural frontier, where the meeting with the other becomes an opportunity to give a new meaning to life. In doing so, the Festival actively responds to Pope Francis’ requests on the question of “living on the frontier”. If one ceases to consider it an insurmountable barrier, it translates into socio-cultural osmosis and a positive rediscovery of the ego by the individual. It is no coincidence that the films chosen for this year’s edition speak of closed frontiers, violent frontiers that encompass ignorance and that condemn entire minorities to marginalization.


“When offered the chance to choose, lieutenant J. Dumbar asks quite surprisingly to be sent to a distant garrison on the edge of the prairie, driven by the yearning “to see the frontier”. In this utterly forsaken outpost the soldier who had tried to commit suicide will discover a way to give new meaning to his life by encountering “the other”, an identity that leads him to become Dances With Wolves and to integrate into the culture, traditions and affections of the people who have welcomed him. The parable recounted by Costner’s film introduces us to the 18th edition of the Tertio Millennio Film Fest. This year the exhibition stitches together several works with a thread that brings to the crest: Frontiers – Looking for an image between two worlds. Closed frontiers, such as those imposed by dictators, will be presented live by an internationally renowned  director. Frontiers that brutalize into ignorance and backwardness, existing even in countries who pride themselves on being  developed. Frontiers lost in the labyrinth of bureaucracy that – after having deceived – inhibit any desire to dialogue. Frontiers as thorny as the financial crisis, as seen from the inside of an Asian family already ridden by stormy generational conflicts. Violent frontiers, that trample the most sacred affections, forcing to flee those who are merely looking for a place to finally call home. And what about the frontiers condemning entire minorities to social exclusion or those of the judicial system that – regardless of rights and wrongs – make everyone a victim; frontiers wounded with aging scars that seclude you into bitterness and resentment. The films in the festival give a name to these frontiers and – though indirectly – engage and challenge the viewer. After all the view which the Fondazione puts forth is that of someone who doesn’t limit himself to considering the frontier as an insurmountable barrier: Tertio Millennio is an attempt to answer the invitation that Pope Francis on several occasions addresses untiringly to everyone: to “live the frontier”. Far from being a foregone conclusion: from experience we know that a frontier may turn from an open horizon into a  border in which to entrench oneself for one’s own sake. One might catch the self-reference bug. «I often repeat – reaffirms the Pope – that between an ailing Church that puts itself on the road and a Church that is affected by the self-reference bug I have no doubt, I prefer the first one». A self-referring Church is a wall-raising community instead of one opening new roads to be more accessible; it’s a community that doesn’t allow itself to get involved, but rather keeps its distance; it’s a community whose sole preoccupation is the defense, preservation and promotion of itself rather than the Gospel of the Kingdom… Such a Church – reminds the Pope – is a non-renewing community, all shriveled up on itself and doomed to come to a standstill in regards to the changing world. Furthermore it double-crosses its very mission. Its opposite thrives in an open and unfolding community capable of making room, of meeting people, of learning the language of men and of making their acquaintance without the worry of engulfing them… To live the frontier – essentially a cultural and existential matter, in the world as a village – means to make every possible effort to be part of the fabric of life in which we live and of which we are active participants. Cinema provides an incredible contribution from this point of view. For what Claudio Magris says about a writer: «a frontiersman» who «moving along it undoes, denies and offers value and meaning, assembles and dismantles the meaning of the world with an unflagging movement which amounts to a constant shift in frontiers», also applies to directors and producers. (Ivan Maffeis, President of Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo and Tertio Millennio Film Fest)


The Tertio Millennio Film Fest is organized by the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo, with the patronage of the Pontifical Council for Culture and the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, supported by MiBACT – Direzione Generale per il Cinema e della Roma Lazio Film Commission, in partnership with the Institute Luce-Cinecittà and in collaboration with the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Cineteca Nazionale, Rai Cinema and the Progetto culturale promoted by the Italian Church. In 2014 the Festival has once again obtained the representation plate from the President of the Italian Republic.


Scheduled films

Archivio Segreto Vaticano. Un viaggio nella storia

A sud del sud

Boko Haram – Convertitevi o morite



Ilo Ilo

From a Roman Balcony

The Theory of Everything

The Last Hammer Blow

The Audience




The Passage

The President

Un albero indiano


Meetings with the Guests