Time to migrate

XXI Tertio Millennio Film Fest

Festival of the interreligious dialogue
Rome, December 12th – 16th, 2017
Trevi Cinema, National Film Archive – Experimental Film Centre, Vicolo del Puttarello, 25
Vatican Film Library – Palazzo San Carlo – Vatican City













The cinema, fiction or documentary, of long or short length, is an opportunity for meeting, knowledge, growth and sharing. It can be a mirror of our daily life and a tool to understand the themes, hopes and worries of our society. Today we must be aware – before deceiving ourselves that we can decide if we like it or not – of the fact that we live in a society where people’s origin – cultural, ethnic, social – are constantly changing. An age of extraordinary opportunities, which are often overshadowed by the concerns of those who would like to close borders, seas, ports, cities, as if they would like to stop the unstoppable, that is, history and cultural processes. Processes which have always happened and that now, with the extraordinary combination of economic, communicative, cultural and social factors that had never happened before, seem to be impressive. Movements that – if we can remember – can be recognised in the nature of men itself. Men have always been migrants, always searching for new opportunities, with the desire to preserve their own identity, often clashing with the identity of those who should welcome them. The Secretariat for communications of the Holy Seat, the Pontifical Council for Culture, Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo, in cooperation with qualified representatives of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities, are willing to listen to and spread out the voice and the point of view of the film directors, video-makers and creatives upon issues that are urgent and crucial for everybody: migration, memory, identity and hospitality. Aware that the dialogue – the only way to overcome mistrust and hostility – can be reached only with mutual narration and knowledge of one’s own memory.
We want to discover, listen to, tell about the differences. Difference is not something scary when it becomes an opportunity, starting from its most authentic movement, to tell about one’s own identity and listen to the others’. Welcoming people means giving relational dignity, making other people exist as interlocutors. To this purpose, cinema is an exceptional tool and form of art.

For the XXI Tertio Millennio Film Festival we have selected some national and international unreleased works that explore fundamental issues, that is: migration, memory, identity, hospitality. Simultaneously, we have arranged a competition of videos (films, documentaries, short films) for the Italian young people who would like to deal with this issue. (Mons. Davide Milani – President of the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo)

The XXI Tertio Millennio Film Festival is organised with the support of Rai Cinema and in cooperation with INTERFILM (the International Protestant Film Association), Centro Ebraico Italiano Il Pitigliani, COREIS (the Italian Islamic Religious Community), Experimental Film Centre – National Film Archive, Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio, Dipartimento di Studi Greco Latini Scenico Musicali of the Sapienza University of Rome. The festival boasts the medal representing the Presidency of the Republic.

The Concert

On the occasion of the premiere of the documentary Choeurs en exil by Nathalie Rossetti and Turi Finocchiaro, the concert “Canti dell’Armenia” was held, a selection of Armenian folk songs performed by musicians Aram Kerovpyan and Virginia Pattie Kerovpyan.

Scheduled films

I fidanzati

La lunga strada del ritorno

La villa


La part sauvage

One thousand ropes

Choeurs en exil

The testament



Walking with the wind

Cristina – il racconto di una malattia

Figli di Abramo


Meetings with the Guests

Robert Guédiguian for the film La villa

Nathalie Rossetti and Turi Finocchiaro for the film Choeurs en exil

Andrea Pallaoro for the film Hannah

Silvia Chiodin for the film Cristina – Il racconto di una malattia

Simone Pizzi for the film Figli di Abramo


The 2017 Tertio Millennio Award – A film for the interreligious dialogue

On Saturday, December 16th, at 5:30 pm at the Vatican Film Library, the Tertio Millennio Award – A film for the interreligious dialogue was given to Indian director Praveen Morchale for the film Walking with the wind. The event was presented by Francesca Fialdini and opened by the monologue “Fare un’anima”, written and performed by Giacomo Poretti.