Pavel G. Vesnakov

Director, screenwriter and editor, Pavel G. Vesnakov graduated in 2011 from the New Bulgarian University. Among the most successful Bulgarian directors, he is known for his provocative ideas and highly realistic films, which analyze the context of modern Bulgarian society and interpersonal relationships. He wrote and directed the short film trilogy “Inches of Suburbia”, which consists of three parts: Trains (2011), The Paraffin Prince (2012) and Pride (2013). The trilogy has been screened in several international festivals, including the ISFF Clermont-Ferrand, the Locarno Film Festival and the Sarajevo Film Festival. Vesnakov has received numerous awards including, in 2014, the Grand Prix at Clermont-Ferrand and the nomination for the EFA European Film Awards for Pride. In 2015, with his short film Zeus, he won the Robert Bosch Foundation award. He also participated in the Talents programs of the Berlinale and the Sarajevo festival. Since 2016 he has also directed the three most successful TV series in Bulgaria: Father’s Day, Devil’s Throat and Stolen Life. German Lessons is his first feature film.



Trains (cm, 2011); The Paraffin Prince (cm, 2012); Pride (cm, 2013); Zeus (cm, 2015); Chimera (cm, 2019); Endangered Species (cm, 2019); Father’s Day (TV series, 2019); Devil’s Throat (TV series, 2019); Stolen Life (TV series, 2019-20); German Lessons (2020); Windless (2021)