SCREENPLAY: Adrian Moyse Dullin, Emma Benestan | CAST: Yasser Osmani, Sanya Salhi, Aya Halal, Ramatoulaye N’dongo | CINEMATOGRAPHY: Augustin Barbaroux | EDITING: Pierre Deschamps | MUSIC: Paulo Stagnaro | COSTUME DESIGNER: Clara René | SOUND: Colin Favre-Bulle | PRODUCTION: Lucas Tothe per Punchline Cinéma

Drama – Francia – 2020

Kenza 15 years old and her little brother mahdi 13 years old regularly humiliate one another on social media in cruel ways. Today, as they travel by bus, kenza puts her naive and romantic little brother to the test: to profess his love for jada; a girl that mahdi loves but that does not know him. Placed under pressure by his sister, mahdi ends up confessing.