France; 2020

CAST: Rafael Goldwaser (voce di Mendele), Léopold Niborski (voce di Yitskhok)
CREENPLAY: Arthur Borgnis, Anna Guerassimoff
MUSIC: Olivier Slabiak
SOUND: Robert Kopec (mixer sound)
PRODUCTION: Anna Guerassimoff, Arthur Borgnis per Eternity Films

In the limbo of Yiddishland, two men deliver fragments to us of their life. Mendele grows up in a shtetl. Tormented by the weight of traditions and animated by a fierce desire for freedom, he  discovered socialist ideas and sees in them a new messianism. Young Yitskhok lives in the Vilnius ghetto. He rebels against his miserable condition and made his life a hymn to hope. OYLEM is a poetic journey to the heart of history and soul Ashkenazi. He takes us on the trail of this submerged world.

It extended from the Baltic to the Black Sea, sprawling in the vast plains of Poland and Russia, hanging on the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains, nestled in the valleys of the Mitteleuropa, “Yiddishland” was the continent were Ashkenazi Jews lived before the unthinkable, the unimaginable happened. This civilization was characterized by a rich and extremely diverse culture, in which tradition and modernity lived side by side, and sometimes clashed. The Yiddish language expressed the soul of an entire people. OYLEM will allow us to hear and see a world that has irremediably disappeared. OYLEM—a Yiddish word meaning World, crowd, eternity—offers a highly intimate journey. Two men, Mendele and Yitskhok, share with us fragments of their lives. The intimate joins the great History to better enlighten us on this world that is no longer. OYLEM shows us places devoid of human presence, in order to find a way to cinematographically represent the absence, the disappearance of this sunken world. Vast plains, birch forests, abandoned shtetls, writings in Hebrew letters worn out by time, old streets of Vilnius, of Warsaw are the places haunted by the voices of those who once lived there.