CAST: Yuriy Borisov (Capitano Volkonogov), Timofey Tribuntsev (Major Golovnya), Nikita Kukushkin (“Kiddo” Veretennikov), Aleksandr Yatsenko (Major Gvozdev), Natalya Kudryashova (Elizarova) Vladimir Epifantsev (Zhikharev), Dmitriy Podnozov (Professor), Igor Savochkin (Uncle Misha) | SCREENPLAY: Natasha Merkulova, Aleksey Chupov with Mart Taniel | CINEMATOGRAPHY: Mart Taniel | EDITING: François Gedigier | PRODUCTION DESIGN: Sergey Fevralev | COSTUMES DESIGN: Nadezhda Vasileva | PRODUCTION: Valeriy Fedorovich, Evgeniy Nikishov, Aleksandr Plotnikov for Place of Power, LOOKFILM, Homeless Bob Production, Kinovista | DISTRIBUTION: I Wonder Pictures

Drama – Russia / Estonia / France – 2021

Captain Fedor Volkonogov is part of the law enforcement system. He is appreciated by the commander and respected by colleagues. But the moment comes for Captain’s life to take the abrupt turn—he is criminally charged. Captain manages to escape prior to the arrest turning in a split of the second into prey hunted down by ex-colleagues. At night Fedor receives the warning from the afterlife that he is destined for Hell and eternal torments. Though Captain still has a chance to change the destiny and be accepted to Heaven under condition that he repents and at least one person grants him sincere forgiveness. Fedor sets on a mission to find absolution having no idea of the trials he is to face on this route.



This film is a post-modernistic parable with the elements of a mystical thriller. The story is a dark tale about an executioner who suddenly discovers that he’s got a soul. Now his soul needs to be saved but he has very little time left for this. The desperate chase for spiritual redemption begins. The authors of the film find it extremely hard to live with the idea that tortures still exist in the modern world, that some people are still torturing others somewhere every day. Anyone can potentially become an executioner if the system decides to turn you into one. But is it possible to be forgiven after that? Is there a heaven for executioners?