CAST: Laure Calamy (Julie), Anne Suarez (Sylvie), Geneviève Mnich (Mme Lusigny), Nolan Arizmendi (Nolan), Sasha Lemaitre Cremaschi (Chloé), Cyril Gueï (Vincent), Lucie Gallo (Mme Delacroix), Agathe Dronne (Sophie), Mathilde Weil (Lydia) | SCREENPLAY: Éric Gravel | CINEMATOGRAPHY: Victor Seguin | EDITING: Mathilde Van de Moortel | MUSIC: Irène Drésel | SOUND: Dana Farzanehpour, Valérie Deloof, Florent Lavallée | PRODUCTION DESIGN: Thierry Lautout | COSTUMES DESIGN: Caroline Spieth | PRODUCTION: Raphaëlle Delauche, Nicolas Sanfaute per Novoprod Cinema, In coproduzione con France 2 Cinéma, Haut et Court Distribution | DISTRIBUTION: I Wonder Pictures

Drama – France – 2021

Julie goes to great lengths to raise her two children in the countryside while keeping her job in a Parisian luxury hotel. When she finally gets a job interview for a position she had long been hoping for, a national strike breaks out, paralysing the public transport system. The fragile balance that Julie has established is jeopardised. Julie then sets off on a frantic race against time, at the risk of faltering.



Through the gaze of this woman alone with her children, I wanted to raise the problem of the stressful rhythm of our everyday life and the battles we face every day. Just like Julie, I also live in the countryside, so I wanted to bring attention to the lives of those people who every day I see taking the train because they have decided to live far from the metropolis, in search of a better quality of life. It’s a difficult balance to maintain and not everyone can find a way to make it work. The film stages a social drama that in some ways I have treated as a thriller. I wanted everyday gestures to be seen as a source of tension. Julie, the protagonist, lives her life constantly in acceleration not because she is a spy or a CIA agent, but simply because she is a single mother fighting for a better life.