An opening sequence for Tertio Millennio: the winner

Viviana Battista’s work has won the contest for emerging video-makers aged 20-35 “An opening sequence for Tertio Millennio”, which is promoted for the first time by Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo for the XXIII Tertio Millennio Film Fest. The sequence will be the intro soundtrack shown before each film in competition as well as during the award ceremony of the Festival.
Viviana explains: “This opening sequence comes from an intuition. I read the theme and soon the image of two different, divided, distant people was focused in my mind. Two people with opposite emotional states, one cheerful and the other sad, but placed in front of the same thing: the sea”.
The sea, which has always been extremely evocative in the movies, also wants to be a “metaphor of our time”. Finally, “the image of a caress stands out, which means Union and Compassion”. Two words that, according to the young video-maker, should necessarily make a comeback.
“No matter how far we are and what keeps us apart”, Viviana concludes, “even on the other side of the world we are not alone”.