The 10 finalists of the contest “Io sono, tu sei – Riconoscersi differenti”

The 10 finalists of the contest promoted by Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo in cooperation with the Religious communities involved in the Tertio Millennio Film Fest have been announced.

The chosen theme aims at giving voice to dialogue, without which it would not be possible to overcome the boundaries between human beings, which have been set by men to defend, define, delimit themselves. Knowing the others and allowing them to know us, listen to them and be listened to. Discover a new point of view.

Among the 10 Short Films selected, the Jury will unquestionably choose 3 to be awarded with the invitation to take part in the Tertio Millennio Film Fest (December 10-13, 2019), a recognition plaque and a subscription to Rivista del Cinematografo for one year, as well as the support of the FEdS and its partners in the film promotion (e.g., on the magazine and website of the Rivista del Cinematografo).

(Italy, 2018; 14’51” – Drama)

Written and directed by: Simone Bozzelli; Cast: Aurora Di Modugno, Claudio Larena; Photography: Filippo Marzatico; Editing: Livia Galtieri; Sound: Teresa Scarcia; Set design: Alessia Duranti; Costume design: Giuseppe Amadio; Production: CSC Production – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia; Distribution: Premiere Film.

A hot afternoon. Serena is helping Christopher to study German. He is bored and prefers to film her with his smartphone. She does not want, but he likes it, it makes him laugh: especially when Serena looks like a piglet. And when Christopher laughs, she is happy. Through that game they get closer and closer and discover an unexpected intimacy. 


(Italy, 2019; 13’26’’ – Drama)

Director: Nicola Sorcinelli; Cast: Maria Grazia Mandruzzato, Kallil Kone, Alessandro Coccoli; Screenplay: Alessandro Padovani; Photography: Francesco Di Pierro; Editing: Davide Vizzini; Soundtracks: Emanuele Bossi; Sound: Claudio Bagni; Set design: Ilaria Sadun; Production: Mario Gianani and Lorenzo Mieli with Ludovica Damiani on behalf of Wildside; in partnership with Rai Cinema.

Elsa is seventy years old and has got five empty beehives. Bees have left, like her husband, and she does not forgive him for dying before her. Only a new queen bee, if accepted, could bring back the bees. One morning Elsa finds Amin hidden in the shed. He escaped from a centre for immigrants and the police are looking for him. He wants to reach Finland. Elsa decides to host him in exchange for help with her hives.  


(Italy, 2019; 12’46’’ – Drama)

Written and directed by: Giulia Di Battista; Cast: Elena Cotta, Alla Krasovitzkaya; Photography: Mirko Ciabatti; Editing: Luigi Caggiano; Sound: Riccardo Valeriani; Production: CSC Production – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia; Distribution: Premiere Film.

Agnese and Joanna are two “immobile” women, each powerless in front of her condition. The first, with motor skills disorders and deprived of the ability to speak, lives in her bedroom surrounded by memories. Joanna, who came from Russia with the dream of a better life, is her caregiver. Despite the forced cohabitation, the two women live like strangers, but an unexpected event will break their fragile balances…



(Italy, 2018; 14’35’’ – Drama)

Director: Salvatore Allocca; Cast: Fatou Mbemgue, Filippo Scotti; Screenplay: Salvatore Allocca, Emiliano Corapi, Massimo De Angelis; Photography: Gianluca Palma; Editing: Marco Spoletini; Soundtracks: Ivan Granatino; Sound: Salvatore Addeo; Set design: Marcella Mosca; Production: Alfredo and Lorenzo Borrelli on behalf of Own Air srl; in partnership with Teatri di Seta, Hamef onlus, Mignon; sponsored by 2018 Migrarti Award (Migrarti-MIBACT), Regione Lazio; Distribution: Zen Movie.

Megalie, daughter of Senegalese people but born and raised in Italy, is looking for a place in the world. When she will be denied the opportunity to go on a school trip abroad, a chance to reveal her feelings to her classmate Marco, that place in the world will seem unreachable.


(Italy/Romania, 2019; 7’59’’ – Drama)

Director: Lorenzo Pallotta; Cast: Luis Dobre, Alberto Bovini, Emilia Pavel; Screenplay: Lorenzo Pallotta, Gabriele Genovese; Photography: Andrea Benjamin Manenti; Editing: Massimo Da Re; Soundtracks: Bruno Falanga; Sound: Andrea Oppo; Set design: Giulia Carnevali; Costume design: Silvia Romualdi; Production: Lorenzo Pallotta on behalf of Limbo Film; La Terrazza; Distribution: Zen Movie.

We are in the ’90, a decade of great technological innovations which are well rooted in the structure of a generation. In order to show the atmosphere of change of that period, we will live the last moment together of two little brothers: Louis (12) and Alberto (10), between hesitation and fear, will have to overcome their first separation.


(Italy, 2019; 14’58’’ – Documentary)

Directed, written, edited and produced by: Giulia Tivelli, Flavia Scardini; Cast: Giulia Tivelli, Francesca Olga Hasbani, Francesco Nucci, Ananth Bux Ada Amantea, Luigi Tivelli; Photography: Luca Bonaventura; Soundtracks: Fabrizio Bondi; Sound: Beatrice Baldacci; Distribution: Zen Movie.

Colombia, 1995. A little girl named Milady is welcomed by her new parents, who change her name into Giulia. Rome, 2017, Giulia needs to start researching her own origins through the encounter with some young people with the same past. This is the story of Francesca, Ananth, Giulia and Francesco, who tell the difficulties of being adopted children.


(Italy, 2019; 15’00’’ – Drama)

Director: Veronica Spedicati; Cast: Emanuela Minno, Franco Ferrante, Celeste Casciaro; Screenplay: Francesca Guerriero, Giulia Magda Martinez, Sofia Petraroia, Veronica Spedicati; Photography: Jacopo Giordano Cottarelli; Editing: Luigi Caggiano; Soundtracks: Lillo Morreale; Sound: Chiara Santella; Set design: Cristina Di Giampietro; Production: CSC Production – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia; Distribution: Premiere Film.

Roberta is nine years old and wants to enjoy the last summer days on the beach playing with her friends, but her dad Donato obliges her to stay at home and help with the housework. The gap between the two of them seems enormous, but the discovery that Donato is much more fragile than he seems will lead them to give value to the time they spend together.


(Iran, 2019; 9’04’’ – Drama)

Written and directed by: Ahmad Seyfipoor; Cast: Jamshid Hosseini, Nima Ensafian, Shayan Fasyhzaden; Photography: Mehdi Eilbeygi; Editing: Kaveh Aziz; Sound: Farzan Moavenian; Costume design: Anahita FathiAzar; Production: Anahita Fathiazar.

OV with Italian subtitles

While a man is stealing, he comes across two men that are having sex in a parked car. The thief obliges them to give him all the money they have. The two men are scared and want to call the police, but they know that, if they do so, the thief would spend three months in jail while they would be sentenced to death. Therefore, they are forced to tolerate both verbal and physical humiliation.


(Iran/Italy, 2018; 11’38” – Drama)

Director: Farnoosh Samadi; Cast: Mina Sadati, Babak Hamidian, Amirreza Ranjbaran, Diana Dehgahan, Babak Karimi; Screenplay: Ali Asgari, Farnoosh Samadi; Photography: Sina Kermanizadeg; Editing: Ehsan Vaseghi; Soundtracks: Navid Fashami; Sound: Amir Partozadeh; Set/Costume design: Melody Esmaeili; Production: Pouria Heidary Oureh on behalf of Three Gardens; Distribution: Zen Movie.

OV with Italian subtitles

Iran. A woman accompanies her husband to an audition. As she has no artistic ambitions, she is puzzled when the casting director, not convinced of the man’s performance, suggests her to try to play the female role. Envious and possessive, the husband does not want his wife to become an actress. What will be the decision?


(Italy, 2018; 14’59’’ – Drama)

Written and directed by: Nicola Martini; Cast: Donatella Finocchiaro, Martina Bonan, Yuri Casagrande Conti; Photography: Alessandro Ubaldi; Editing: Matteo Mossi; Soundtracks: Gian Luigi Carlone; Sound: Tommaso Barbaro; Set design: Gabriele Cavalchi; Costume design: Camilla Debellis; Production: Andrea Stagnitto, Alessandro M. Naboni on behalf of Social Content Factory; Francesco Crespi Basement; Nicola Martini; Distribution: Premiere Film.

A seventeen-year-old girl meets a boy on the internet. A love story starts between them. A feeling that Teresa’s mother does not understand and that will cause great concern, as perhaps this teenage love is not what it seems.