Edition 2018

Alganesh at the Vatican Film Library

At the Tertio Millennio Film Fest, Thrusday December 13th, it is time for Alganesh Fessaha, cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson and film directors Lia and Marianna Beltrami

The third day of the Tertio Millennio Film Fest, organised by Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo (December 11th – 15th), is the long-awaited moment of the meeting with Alganesh Fessaha, cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson and the film directors of Alganesh (Lia and Marianna Beltrami), at the Vatican Film Library. A documentary about Alganesh Fessaha, human rights heroine and savior of those who are kept in the Libyan prisons.

At the Trevi cinema, the films in competition are shown. Four films and meetings with directors and guests in the screening room. Kairos is a world premiere, while Fatwa focuses on the sensitive issue of Islamic radicalism. Here follows the schedule of the third day, Thursday December 13th, 2018.

Trevi cinema

  • 3.00 pm A Bluebird in My Heart (85′) directed by Jérémie Guez. Film in competition.

Belgium. Just released from prison with the electronic bracelet on his ankle, a man, willing to behave well, falls in love with the young daughter of the owner of the motel he stays in. The girl, who considers him as the father she has never had, ends up in the clutches of a drug dealer. The man, in spite of himself, will put things right.

  • 5.00 pm Doubtful (88′), directed by Eliran Elya, and meeting with the film director. Film in competition.

Assi, screenwriter and poet, is full of doubts and existential worries. Condemned to public service after causing an accident while driving under the influence of alcohol, he is sent to hold a filmmaking workshop in Beersheba to a group of teenagers under house arrest, who are serving their sentence at the district recovery centre.

  • 7.00 pm Kairos (87′), directed by Paul Barakat, and meeting with the film director. Film in competition, world premiere.

Danny, a boy with Down’s syndrome, starts practicing boxing in order to be accepted and respected. Unfortunately, during a training session with his coach John, former boxer, a violent accident occurs. As a consequence, the two men will face their deepest fears.

  • 9.00 pm Fatwa (102′) directed by Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud – Meeting with the film director and Rolla Scolari, journalist of Il Foglio. Film in competition.

Brahim Nadhour, a Tunisian man who, after his divorce, moved to France, goes back to Tunis to bury his son Marouane, who died in a motorcycle accident. When he finds out that young Marouane was involved in a Salafist organisation, Brahim decides to investigate and find the people who have indoctrinated him.


 Vatican Film Library (by invitation only)

  • 4.30 pm Alganesh (60′) directed by Lia and Marianna Beltrami – Meeting with the film directors, with Alganesh Fessaha and cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson – Special event

On the website of the Tertio Millennio Film Fest, you can see and download the complete schedule of the Festival and book tickets for the shows. Free admission subject to availability.

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