Edition 2018

The press conference of Tertio Millennio Film Fest

From 11th to 15th December 2018, the XXII Tertio Millennio Film Fest (TMFF), the Festival of the interreligious dialogue, will be held at the Trevi Cinema in Rome (Vicolo del Puttarello 25) and the Vatican Film Library (Palazzo San Carlo – Vatican City). This year’s theme will be “The days of the uprising. War, revolution and liberation”.

 The TMFF is organised by Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo (FEdS) under the patronage of the Pontifical Council for Culture, the Dicastery for Communication of the Holy Seat, the National Office for Social Communications of CEI, the Department for Cultural Growth of the Municipality of Rome, Regione Lazio, Avvenire, TV2000 and the Department of Literature and Modern Cultures of the Sapienza University of Rome. It takes place under the artistic direction of Marina Sanna (vice-director of the Rivista del Cinematografo) and Gianluca Arnone (editorial coordinator of the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo), and it is proposed as a place for interreligious and intercultural dialogue between the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Islamic communities, focusing on the themes relating to spirituality. The Protestant film association “Roberto Sbaffi”, the the Italian Jewish Centre “Il Pitigliani”, COREIS – Italian Islamic Religion Community, INTERFILM, U.CO.I.I. – Union of the Italian Islamic Communities, UCEI – Union of the Italian Jewish communities, the Russian and Georgian Orthodox Church will take part in the Festival.

The screening of the film Lysis, directed by Rick Ostermann, will open the event on December 11th at 3.00 pm, followed by The Crush, by Ermanno Olmi, introduced by critic Emiliano Morreale, and then Zan, by Shinya Tsukamoto, the opening film. The same day, at the Vatican Film Library, the documentary Il fattore umano, lo spirito del lavoro, by Giacomo Gatti, will be presented in the presence of the film director and the producer Linda Gilli. Significant are the competing films, seven of which are first and second works, all unreleased in Italy, but not only: 3 world premieres, 4 international and 2 European. They come from all 5 continents.

Many film directors will be present at the events of the following days to present their works: Jewel Maranan (In the claws of a century wanting), Behrouz Noorani Pour (Dayan), Agnieszka Holland (Burning Bush) (Hořící keř/Il roveto ardente), Eliran Elya (Doubtful), Paul Barakat (Kairos), Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud (Fatwa), Lia and Marianna Beltrami, Alganesh Fessah and Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson (Alganesh), Lucien Bourjeily (Heaven without people). On Friday December 14th Carlo Verdone will commemorate film director Sergio Leone.

As last year, the interreligious jury presided by Claudia Di Giovanni (Manager of the Vatican Film Library), Zanolo Yahya Abd al-Ahad, (Delegate of CO.RE.IS), Sira Fatucci, (Delegate of “Il Pitigliani” – Italian Jewish Centre), Ben Mohamed Alì (Delegate of U.CO.I.I.), Pavel Zelinsky (Delegate of the Russian Orthodox Church), Filippo Riva (Delegate of Dicastery for Communication of the Holy Seat), Elena Ribet (Delegate of the Protestant film association “Roberto Sbaffi”) will choose the winner of the Tertio Millennio Award.

During the Festival, on Friday December 14th at 8.30 pm at the Trevi Cinema, during a ceremony presented by journalist Fabio Falzone, the RdC Awards will be assigned. These are the historic awards that Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo and Rivista del Cinematografo assign to the protagonists of the world of cinema, television and culture.

That evening, the First Work Award – Sono arrivato prima! will be given for the second time to the best first work of the year after being voted by the readers of the Rivista del Cinematografo and Cinematografo.it, among 16 films pointed out by the editorial staff: Beate by Samad Zarmandilli, Blue Kids by Andrea Tagliaferri, Dèi by Cosimo Terlizzi, Due piccoli italiani by Paolo Sassanelli, Favola by Sebastiano Mauri, Gli asteroidi by Germano Maccioni, Hotel Gagarin by Simone Spada, Il tuttofare by Valerio Attanasio, La casa di famiglia by Augusto Fornari, La terra dell’abbastanza by Fabio and Damiano D’Innocenzo, Manuel by Dario Albertini, Ovunque tu sarai by Roberto Capucci, Respiri by Alfredo Fiorillo, Saremo giovani e bellissimi by Letizia Lamartire, Sconnessi by Christian Marazziti, The End? L’inferno fuori by Daniele Misischia.

The winners (first, second and third place) of the contest “Noi ci siamo – Giovani, voglia di partecipazione e ricerca di senso”, devoted to new generations, will be also awarded. The jury, chaired by Costanza Quatriglio, is composed of 6 young members of the religious communities taking part in the Tertio Millennio Film Fest (Mustafa Martino Roma, Andrea Bencivenga, Jacopo Balliana, Francesca Romana Bianchini, Valeria Milano, Ben Mohamed Takoua). The selection will be made between the 10 short films that reach the final: Penelope by Luca Rabotti, Kintsugi by Danilo Greco, Piano terra by Natalino Zangaro, Ask the Dust by Elisa Battisti, Alberto Castelli, Diletta Dan, Giorgio Fabiano, Francesco Luciani, Matteo Vitelli, Inanimate by Lucia Bulgheroni, Ossa by Lorenzo Pallotta, Denise by Rossella Inglese, La faim va tout droit by Giulia Canella, Il nostro limite by Adriano Morelli, Un mestiere qualunque by Riccardo Federico.

The following day, Saturday December 15th at 5.30 pm, the award ceremony of the winner of the Tertio Millennio Award will take place at the Trevi Cinema and Non Fiction, by Olivier Assayas, will close the festival at 8.30 pm.