Edition 2018

“Noi ci siamo”, here are the 10 finalists

The short films that will reach the final phase of the contest promoted by Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo have been announced at the Glocal Festival of Varese. The Award Ceremony will take place in Rome on December 14th.

During the Glocal Festival of Varese, the 10 short films that reach the final of the contest Noi ci siamo – Giovani, voglia di partecipazione e ricerca di senso, promoted by Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo within the XXII Tertio Millennio Film Fest, have been presented in the Glocal Cinema section at the Impero multi-screen cinema of Varese. The festival of the interreligious dialogue will take place in Rome from 11th to 15th of December, and is organised under the patronage of the Pontifical Council for Culture, the Dicastery for Communication of the Holy See and the National Office for Social Communications of CEI, with the participation of: Protestant film association “Roberto Sbaffi”, Italian Jewish Centre “Il Pitigliani”, COREIS – Italian Islamic Religious Community, INTERFILM, UCOII – Union of Italian Islamic Communities, UCEI – Union of the Italian Jewish communities, Russian and Georgian Orthodox Church.

The following are the finalists:

Penelope (Italy, 2018; Drama; 6’ 29’’)
Director: Luca Rabotti; Cast: Valeria Rovetta, Marco Granati, Gaia Panni, Nino Jesus Barin; Story and Screenplay: Luca Rabotti; Cinematography: Gaia Panni; Music: Various Authors; Editing: Gaia Panni, Luca Rabotti; Production Design: Sara Scaglia; Costume Design: Camilla Rovetta; Production: Brixiart Visual, Luca Rabotti and Gaia Panni; Distribution: Premiere Film

Penelope tries to manage her loneliness. Is it really true that she doesn’t miss anything?

Kintsugi (Italy, 2017; Drama; 13’ 19’’)
Director: Danilo Greco; Cast: Cesare Felice, Carlo Fantinato, Domitilla Giovarruscio, Vittoria Felici; Screenplay: Danilo Greco, Federica D’Ignoti, Marco Scali, Giuseppe Agrusta; Cinematography: Davide Ceccarelli; Music: Alessio Meleo and Emanuele Scudo; Editing: Michelangelo Di Pierro; Production Design: Andrea Squillace; Costume Design: Silvia Tedesco; Sound: Andrea Oppo and Leonardo Savini; Production: Danilo Greco; Distribution: Premiere Film

An old man lives in a caravan and fixes broken pots using the kintsugi technique. His friendship with a young boy will help him face an unresolved relationship of his life.

Piano terra (Italy, 2018; Drama; 15’)
Director: Natalino Zangaro; Cast: Daphne Scoccia, Sandra Ceccarelli, Sara Brait, Morris Sarra and Pino Calabrese; Story and Screenplay: Natalino Zangaro; Cinematography: Francesco Altamura; Music: Mother by Magical Beasts; Editing: Ginevra Giacon, Natalino Zangaro; Production Design: Laura Nannini; Costume Design: Maisha Grispino; Sound editing and mix: Alessandro Bonfanti; Production: Anna De Marco, Natalino Zangaro; Distribution: Premiere Film

Gloria, a young pregnant woman, has to serve a sentence in prison at the end of her pregnancy. An encounter at the hospital will change her life.

Ask the Dust (Chiedi alla polvere) (Italy, 2017; Documentary; 12’ 58’’)
Project by: Elisa Battisti, Alberto Castelli, Diletta Dan, Giorgio Fabiano, Francesco Luciani, Matteo Vitelli; from the concept by Matteo Vitelli; Cast: the residents of Arquata del Tronto (AP); Shooting: Elisa Battisti, Alberto Castelli, Francesco Luciani, Matteo Vitelli; Music: Dusk by Ian Post, Life by Kevin Graham, Lighthouse by Michael FK, As Dust from the Ground, You walk on the Wind by The Soundkeeper, Motion by Tristan Barton; Editing: Matteo Vitelli; Production and Distribution: YAK Production

The story of how a family (and an entire community) is trying to recover from the dust that the “faceless monster” has spread on the story of Arquata del Tronto (AP).

Inanimate (Italy/UK, 2018; Animation; 8’ 40’’)
Director and Animator: Lucia Bulgheroni; Cast: Erin Austen, Jay Taylor, Jassa Ahluwalia; Story and Screenplay: Andrew Eu, Lucia Bulheroni; Cinematography: Ronnie McQuillan; Music: José D. Pavli; Editing: Raphael Pereira; Production Design: Kristina Kovcs; VFX Supervisor; Amy Gibson; Sound: Louise Patricia Burton; Production: NFTS – National Film and Television School, Lennard Ortmann; Distribution: Zen Movie.

Katherine leads a normal life, she has a normal job, a normal boyfriend and a normal flat. Or at least this is what she thinks until everything starts falling to pieces!

Ossa (Italy, 2018; Drama; 11’ 59’’)
Director: Lorenzo Pallotta; Cast: Alessio Geminiani; Story and Screenplay: Lorenzo Pallotta and Rossella Inglese; Cinematography: Andrea Benjamin Manenti; Music: Bruno Falanga; Editing: Massimo Da Re; Costume and Production Design: Lorenzo Pallotta; Sound: Silvia Orengo; Sound editing: Matteo Pagliarossi; Sound mix: Federico Nosari, Riccardo Baldoni; Production: Limbo Film, Lorenzo Pallotta, Zen Movie, with Fedra Film; Distribution: Zen Movie

Alessio is a thirteen-year-old boy with AVPD, avoidant personality disorder. After escaping from home, he finds a refuge far from the city and people: nature is the safest paradise.

Denise (Italy, 2017; Drama; 14’ 59’’)
Director: Rossella Inglese; Cast: Gaya Carbini, Alessandra De Luca, Matteo De Buono; Story and Screenplay: Rossella Inglese; Cinematography: Andrea Benjamin Manenti; Music: Prof G; Editing: Rossella Inglese; Production Design: Francesco Grossi; Costume Design: Francesco Grossi, Andrea Benjamin Manenti; Sound: Silvia Orengo, Andrea Oppo; Sound editing: Silvia Orengo, Riccardo Gruppuso; Sound mix: Theo Francocci; Production: Wave Cinema, Think’o Film, Massimiliano Zanin, Federico Lami; Distribution: Zen Movie

Denise is a teenager obsessed with other people’s judgement. Aware of being constantly observed by a camera, she shows herself to the public in a bold and provocative way.

La faim va tout droit (Italy, 2017; Drama; 14’ 57’’)
Director: Giulia Canella; Cast: Phénix Brossard, Laura Doni; Story and Screenplay: Giulia Canella; Cinematography: Martina Cocco; Music: Tommaso Ermolli, Guido Dalla Vecchia, Outkeen; Editing: Giulia Canella, Guido Tabacco; Production Design: Flavia Lozano; Costume Design: Micol Russo; Sound: Tommaso Barbaro, Luca Canzano; Sound editing and mix: Rachele Pittarello; Production: Centro sperimentale di Cinematografica, Giulia Canella; Distribution: Zen Movie

Charles puts his hopes in an imaginary relationship, hoping to escape the dramatic relationship he has with his body and with food.

Il nostro limite (Italy, 2017; Drama; 10’ 07’’)
Director: Adriano Morelli; Cast: Gianfranco Gallo, Massimiliano Gallo, Marcomario De Notaris, Emanuele Vicorito; Story and Screenplay: Adriano Morelli, Elena Starace; Cinematography: Emanuele Pasquet; Music: Marco Mantovanelli; Editing: Irene Vecchio; Production Design: Davide Carità; Costume Design: Melissa Piro, Cristian Antonio Auricchio; Sound: Luca Ranieri; Production: Sly Production, O’Groove, Nayan Tara, Entropia Digital Post Production, Silvestro Marino, Carla Carfagna; Distribution: Zen Movie

Luigi and Franco, two young boys who were born and raised in the district of the Resina market, secretly love each other but they are forced to live a lie, thus condemning themselves to an unhappy life.

Un mestiere qualunque (Italy, 2017; Drama; 12’ 55’’)
Director: Riccardo Federico; Cast: Lorenzo Di Paolo, Salvatore Mazza, Samuel C. Francese, Francesco M. Conti, Mattero Di Vincenzo, Davide Poli, Alessandro Greco, Andrea Dante Benazzo, Marco Patania; Story: Riccardo Federico; Screenplay: Riccardo Federico; Cinematography: Marco Valerio Carrara; Music: Noyz Narcos, Cor Veleno, Primo Brown (non-original music); Editing: Giovanni Santonocito; Production Design: Jacopo Viola, Vanessa Fedele; Costume Design: Luchino Masetti, Roberta Prosperi; Sound: Luca Cafarelli; Production: Riccardo Federico; Distribution: Visioni Corte Film Festival, Viveredicinema

Lorenzo is a boy who lives with his dad. After an argument, he decides to leave home and tries to earn something by selling marijuana. However, he will soon realise that the most difficult thing in life is not rebellion, but knowing how to take responsibility and, therefore, to grow up.


The baton now is passed to the Jury chaired by Costanza Quatriglio, made up of 6 young exponents of the religious Communities involved in the Tertio Millennio Film Fest. They are: Mustafa Martino Roma, Andrea Bencivenga, Jacopo Balliana, Francesca Romana Bianchini, Valeria Milano, Ben Mohamed Takoua. They will choose the three short films to be awarded (First, Second and Third place) during the RdC Awards ceremony that will take place on December 14th at the Trevi Cinema (Vicolo del Puttarello 25, Rome).

The Apple Premium Reseller MED STORE chain, with stores throughout central and northern Italy, sponsors the Contest and makes available tools useful for the filming and video editing to the authors of the audiovisual works that ranked first, second and third, to support them in their future works.