Edition 2018

2018 Tertio Millennio Film Fest in the name of the young: “Noi ci siamo!”

In keeping with the theme of the 2018 Synod and the anniversary of the 1968, the XXII Tertio Millennio Film Fest will focus on the young universe with its values, fears, contradictions and its search for a meaning in a world that is less and less built for the young, considering the cultural differences that characterise the life experience of young people throughout the world.

Therefore, young people and their desire for participation and sharing, their generosity and their feeling responsible for the problems of the world will be the focus of the 2018 Festival. Particularly, this year’s theme will guide the contest of short films entitled “Noi ci siamo”, open to all young filmmakers. This year there will be a jury of young people from the different communities involved in the project and coordinated by film director Costanza Quatriglio. Along with this contest and the competition between the films that have not been released in Italy, many special events with international guests, the gala ceremony of the RdC Awards and the award ceremony to announce the winners of the festival.

The Tertio Millennio Film Fest started in 1997 from a wish of John Paul II to prepare the man of the third millennium through cinema communication. The project has changed over time: for some years, the festival consisted of a conference of studies followed by the film screenings. Then, three years ago, the turning point: it became the Festival of the interreligious dialogue. Always attentive to investigate the themes relating to spirituality, the festival embraces the catholic, protestant, Jewish and Islamic communities.

In 2016, the festival focused on women and the problems they face in all cultures. In 2017 the themes of migration, integration and human relationships were addressed. Among the guests of last year we can mention Robert Guédiguian, Andrea Pallaoro and Giacomo Poretti.

The Festival is organised with the support of Rai Cinema and in cooperation with INTERFILM (the International Protestant Film Association), Centro Ebraico Italiano Il Pitigliani, COREIS (the Italian Islamic Religious Community), Experimental Film Centre – National Film Archive, Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio, Dipartimento di Studi Greco Latini Scenico Musicali of the Sapienza University of Rome. The festival boasts the medal representing the Presidency of the Republic.