Thierry Frémaux
General Manager of Institut Lumière of Lyon and General Delegate of Cannes Film Festival

Born May the 29th, 1960 in Tullins-Fures, France.
Studied contemporary history at the Lyon 2 University.
A master’s in contemporary history about a movie magazine called Positif and filmlife in the fifties, Positif les années Lyonnaises (Positif, the Lyon years, 1984).
He worked on a thesis entitled Pour une histoire sociale du cinéma (For a social history of cinema, 1989).

Institut Lumière:
Volonteer in 1982.
Movieprogrammer in 1990.
Bertrand Tavernier (President of the Institut Lumière) and Thierry Frémaux direct the Film Book Collection created in 1992 with the Actes Sud publishing house, including 33 titles.
Artistic Director in 1993.
He was in charge of the organisation of the 100th anniversary of the cinematograph celebration in Lyon in 1995.
General Manager since 1999.
Founder of the Lumière Festival as well as the Prix Lumière (first edition: 2009; second edition: October 2010; third edition: October 2011)
He chairs the Association Frères Lumière managing the Lumière film rights in collaboration with the Lumière family.

Cannes Film Festival:
Artistic Delegate in 2000.
General Delegate in 2007.
He created Cannes Classics in 2004.

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