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Thy Womb: a love without boundaries closing the Tertio Millennio Film Fest   versione testuale

The XVI Tertio Millennio Film Fest is drawing to a close, ending with the latest masterpiece by one of the most famous personalities of Philippine independent cinema, Brillante Mendoza: Thy Womb, presented at the 69th Venice Film Festival, winning the Navicella Award-Venice Cinema and the P.Nazareno Taddei Award Special Mention.
Shaleha Sarail (Nora Aunor) is a Bajau midwife in Sitangkai, a water village on the remote Island of Tawi-Tawi - situated in the most southern part of the Philippines towards the Mala - Indonesian Archipelago, where a community of nomads, devoted to the production of seaweed, lives. The lives of Shalena and her beloved husband Bangas are tainted by the drama of infertility: driven by a love without boundaries, Shalena accompanies her husband to the nearby communities and water villages, to find a young woman for him to marry, one who can grant him his wish of paternity.
The screening will be introduced by Gianluca Arnone, film critic for the "Rivista del Cinematografo". Entry is free, until seats last.
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